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25.02.12 Digital Humanities Symposium - Virtualisation and Heritage

Posted by Will Wootton in Events 9 years, 7 months ago.

This Saturday (25 February 2012) we'll be presenting the most recent work done with the Art of Making project at the Digital Humanities Symposium in York.

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14.02.12 Art of Making at 'Rome in Bloomsbury'

Posted by Will Wootton in Events 9 years, 9 months ago.

As part of the the winter programme of the 'Rome in Bloomsbury' seminar series, we will be giving a talk entitled, 'Presenting and Interpreting the Processes of Stone Carving: The Art of Making in Antiquity'.

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A day of stone activities at the Festival of Materials & Making, November 2011

Posted by Will Wootton in Events 9 years, 10 months ago.

Last Thursday was our Stone: The Material and Those Who Make With It day of events as part of the Festival of Materials & Making here at King's. The day began with geological walking tours along the Strand and Embankment, followed by a carving demonstration and series of workshops, and was rounded off with lectures in the evening, all focused on stone, stone-use in London, and the craft of working stone. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day such a success. We are particularly grateful to John Williams and Diana Clements of the Natural History Museum, Kevin Hayward of Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd, Adam Lamb of City & Guilds, Will O'Brien at CWO for supplying the stone, Zoe Laughlin and Graziella Terracciano from the Institute of Making, and especially our two stone carvers, Andy Tanser and Paul Jakeman.

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10.11.11 Stone: The Material & Those Who Make With It

Posted by Will Wootton in Events 9 years, 10 months ago.

Come and join us for an exciting day of stone-related activities, whether walking the Strand on our building-stone tours, watching the carving of an expert stone sculptor or learning to carve stone yourself, tools and materials provided. These personal encounters with stone will be followed by three talks exploring the geology of London, Roman sculpture and the training of new carvers by the City and Guilds.

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